War Stories: Recovery of “Blue Print”

Blue Print on the Beach at Cod Bay

Blue Print on the Beach at Cod Bay

From time to time we post stories of rescues from years past. An interesting story is the rescue/recovery of the yacht “Blue Print” in April 2004.

Blue Print ran aground at Cod Bay on a stormy night and was later recovered, much to the owner’s delight, and towed back to St Helens.

Read about it here.

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St Helens Marine Rescue on Facebook

St Helens Marine Rescue is now on Facebook! Come and visit and add us as a friend for more news and social events.

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Pelican Point Dredging Completed

The dregding on the channel at Pelican Point was completed this week and half a metre of additional depth has been added. The channel should now be navigable at all times to vessels up to 1.8 metre draft. At high tide, up to 3 metres of water is available throughout.

Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) is liaising with the Parks and Wildlife Service over placement of sand from the works.

The channel over the barway is holding its position and depth at the moment.

Please contact St Helens Marine Rescue on VHF Channel 16 or UHF Channels 88 or 94 for assistance if you are unfamiliar with the barway crossing or the channel route past Pelican Point.

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Georges Bay Barway Marker Buoy Relocated

St Helens Barway Channel Marker

St Helens Barway Channel Marker at 41 deg 16.216' S, 148 deg 20.304' E

The Georges Bay Barway marker Buoy was recently relocated. The new coordinates of the marker buoy are:
41 degrees 16.216′ S
148 degrees 20.304′ E

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Dredging at Pelican Point in Progress

The dredging at Pelican point has commenced and we can look forward to an improved channel. Please take care while the dredging is in progress.

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