Breaking News – SAR vessel Georges Bay can now tow

This is a very important announcement to mariners covered by St Helens Marine Rescue.

A review of the stability data for the SAR vessel “Georges Bay” was undertaken by our Naval Architect. We are pleased to announce, subsequently there has been a revision of the vessel’s certificate of Survey (dated 10th February, 2016)  now states:

“Towing to be carried out strictly in accordance with instructions in the Stability Handbook, Revision B”

It must be noted these provisions conform with “National Standard for Commercial Vessels” (NSCV).

Essentially this means Georges Bay can now tow under the following Caveats:-

1. Towing operations are restricted to smaller vessels such that:

  • the towed vessel does not exceed about 6 tonnes displacement or 12 metres in length,
  • must be able to achieve 3 knots tow speed or greater or else discontinue the tow,
  • tow speed does not exceed 4 knots for larger vessels or 6 knots for vessels up to the size of the Vessel itself,


  • vessels which are FREE AFLOAT and NOT AGROUND,
  • during DAYLIGHT HOURS ONLY outside Sheltered Waters.

2. ALL crew shall be trained in towing operations and associated emergency procedures.

3. The towing rig shall incorporate appropriate shock load and quick release features.

4. A RISK ASSESSMENT for EACH TOW shall be carried out by the crew BEFORE HOOKUP.

On behalf of St Helens Marine Rescue we are delighted to make this announcement. Our services are now in full swing, the state of the art vessel, “Georges Bay”, is ready and able to provide for mariners well being and safety of mariners in North Eastern Tasmania.

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Breaking News: Georges Bay is on the water

Finally Georges Bay is in SURVEY

Finally Georges Bay is in SURVEY

St Helens Marine Rescue is excited to inform mariners Georges Bay is finally in Survey.

This came through as of Friday the 29th of January, 2016.

In order for this to take place the vessel had to undergo a rigorous assessment which means it meets the standards as prescribed under the Australia wide NSCV (National System for Commercial Vessels). We believe we are the first in Australia to undertake this process.

So what does this mean?

This long awaited vessel is available to serve mariners within the North East region of Tasmania. The conditions under which Georges Bay can be deployed include:

  1. The vessel will be operated by appropriately qualified skippers and crew;
  2. It passed rigorous safety equipment standards;
  3. Capable of  rescuing persons at sea.
  4. Can act as an escort vessel within Class 2C (R) waters i.e. 15 nautical miles from the coast.

Safety equipment includes:

  • Automatic Identification System (AIS);
  • Radar;
  • Sonar;
  • Navigational GPS;
  • VHF radio.

All of this was made possible by the magnificent contribution of the public and corporate sponsorship. The journey has taken 12 months since the loss of Break O’Day. We are eternally indebted to those who contributed as we acknowledged in previous posts.

All mariners please note: Georges Bay under its Survey conditions is not permitted to tow vessels under any circumstances.

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Welcome BP Australia

St Helens Marine Rescue is proud to announce the outstanding sponsorship of BP Australia. This incredibly generous support is a prime enabler for St Helens Marine Rescue to provide for the wellbeing and safety of mariners in NE Tasmania. The sponsorship covers marine products so very necessary for the efficient and reliable performance of the marine rescue vessels.Terry Brown, the Northern Tasmanian representative for BP Australia presented Vice President Paul Young with BP’s sponsorship at St Helens Marine Rescue Base during the week.President John Dearing expressed his gratitude and appreciation for BP’s sponsorship. It is a wonderful acknowledgement of the importance that marine safety has in ensuring our waterways are safe and that support to mariners is ongoing. BP Australia is a key contributor to this cause.

BP Australia’s web site ( has a comprehensive range of products for mariners.

Terry Brown of BP Australia and Vice President Paul Young

Terry Brown of BP Australia and Vice President Paul Young

BP Australia

BP Australia

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Pelican Point Disaster – Recovery

It is with the greatest of pleasure I can report St Helens Marine Rescue has ordered a replacement vessel for the tragically capsized Break O’Day. The community response to our recent appeal has been sensational. So  now we are in the position to purchase a new vessel, this includes the replacement of safety equipment and electronics. All of this has been made possible from the magnificent support from across the state. It is with much applause and appreciation I acknowledge the contributions from the following:

  • Community contributors small and large
  • St Helens Christian Fellowship
  • C2 Demolition
  • Rotary Club of St Helens
  • St Helens Neighbourhood House
  • St Helens Game Fishing Club
  • St Helens Commonwealth Bank
  • Commonwealth Bank Staff Community Fund of Tasmania & Victoria
  • East Coast Auto Parts
  • Game Fishing Club of Northern Tasmania
  • Scamander Newsagency & Mouth Cafe
  • St Helens Books and Coffee
  • Deegan Marine
  • Scope Insurance Brokers
  • Condor Fishing (Tas) Pty Ltd
  • QBE Insurance
  • Road Rocket Couriers
  • Greg Crick Honda and the Honda Foundation
  • Moonraker Antennae’s
  • Navico Australia
  • Hunters
  • Tamar Marine
  • BP Australia

The replacement vessel is a Stabicraft 2400. Modifications are being made to the vessel to ensure it complies with marine safety standards. We expect delivery some time in the middle of the year. During the spring St Helens Marine Rescue will announce the name of the vessel at a community event. I’ll keep readers posted on developments.

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Pelican Point Disater – Help Us to Help You

Upturned Break O'Day the day after

Upturned Break O’Day the day after

In my previous posting I described the disaster and the incredible misfortune of losing our primary rescue vessel (see the post below).  Subsequent to this  Break O’Day has been written off.  So now we are in the throes of acquiring a new vessel capable of serving mariners in North Eastern Tasmania.  Scope Insurance Brokers have been fabulous is assisting us through QBE Insurance. Both organisations cannot be faulted in the manner to which they have responded.

We are looking at a replacement vessel with similar characteristics to the Break O’Day, as this craft is specifically built to withstand the rigours of the challenging sea environment in particular the St Helens Bar. Deegan Marine is putting together plans for a new Stabicraft that will fulfill the parameters of a marine rescue vessel.

The new Stabicraft rebuild is completed (23rd September). We thank the many contributors to fund our new vessel. An update on our web site will be forthcoming in the near future.  

We look forward to continuing our service to the boating community of Tasmania. Please do not hesitate to call us on VHF Channel 16 or by phone 6376 2443 (mobile 0408 817 359).

Local St Helens businesses remain great supporters, when visiting donations can be made at these wonderful locations:


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