Hunters Products Sponsors St Helens Marine Rescue

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Matthew Hateley and JD at the presentation

Matthew Hateley and JD at the presentation

Hunters Products is a most welcomed sponsor of St Helens Marine Rescue. They are a proud and loyal Tasmania Company providing hygiene products state wide since 1948. Hunters employ Tasmanians as well as contributing generously to community organisations. St Helens Marine Rescue is thrilled to receive Hunter’s sponsorship. Their contribution will go a long way towards meeting our cost of operations. This generosity is a clear endorsement of their motto , “We make it in Tasmania”.

Matthew Hateley of Hunters Products presented President John Dearing (JD) with sponsorship outside Marine Rescue’s Base Station. JD expressed his delight and appreciation of Hunter’s support.

For a full range of hygiene and cleaning products check out Hunter’s web site.

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St Helens Game Fishing Club – Another Successful Year

Swordfish off St Helens

Swordfish off St Helens

August the 9th, 2014, signalled the annual St Helens Game Fishing Club Annual Dinner/AGM at the Bayside Inn St Helens. Greg (Tubby) Quinn was re-elected President for the forthcoming year.

In the course of the evening Tubby presented the President of St Helens Marine Rescue, John Dearing (JD), sponsorship and a certificate of appreciation for their ongoing support of the St Helens Game Fishing Club.

St Helens Marine Rescue provided hourly VHF radio coverage throughout the day and weather reports for the annual St Helens Game Fishing Classic. In response JD thanked the Game Fishing Club for the most welcomed support. This generosity contributes to the ongoing costs of providing marine safety services to the boating community in North Eastern Tasmania. The service plays a small but critical part to the outstanding success of the Game Fishing Classic. This major, annual recreation fishing competition brings enormous financial benefits to the Community of St Helens.

After all St Helens is the Game Fishing Capital of Tasmania.

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Tamar Marine Sponsorship

Tim Lovett of Tamar Marine presents President JD with sponsors

Tim Lovett of Tamar Marine presents President JD with sponsorship

St Helens Marine Rescue extends its gratitude and appreciation to Tamar Marine for the generous sponsorship announced this week.Tim Lovett of Tamar Marine presented  President JD a support package in recognition of the essential service that Marine Rescue offers recreational and professional mariners in North Eastern Tasmania. St Helens Marine Rescue is indebted to Tamar Marine for its generosity.

Tamar Marine and St Helens Marine Rescue are committed to the safety and well being of our maritime community. Sponsorship of marine rescue is an enabler to ensure our boating and yachting communities are maritime safe and receive the very best assistance in case of emergencies.

The generosity of Tamar Marine is an outstanding initiative and a valuable contribution to the welfare of mariners.The sponsorship will be dedicated to essential equipment, ongoing training of members and on call readiness in the event of assistance.

For all your boating and yachting needs Tamar Marine is a one stop shop. St Helens Marine Rescue encourages all mariners to seek the latest marine safe equipment and advice from Tamar Marine at:

Tamar Marine Pty Ltd 6-8 West Tamar Road Launceston or

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Congratulations TS Argonaut

Cadets flank ARGO 1 at the naming ceremony

Cadets flank ARGO 1 at the naming ceremony

St Helens Marine Rescue congratulates TS Argonaut on the naming of its new vessel Argo 1. After a very chilly start to the day the weather turned on a perfect, sunny, calm winter’s morning. The assembled throng of cadet families and friends, community members and local dignitaries on the parade ground awaited with anticipation. After a welcome by the ship’s commanding officer the audience was  treated to an outstanding marching display by the naval cadets, culminating with a rapid march routine to “We Will Rock You” by Queen.

The naming ceremony preceded a gathering of guests and cadets on board the ship over a cuppa. The addition of Argo 1 to the ship’s fleet will compliment and broaden the naval experience for cadets.


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VHF Marine Radio Certificate (MROVCP)

From the Office of Maritime Communications (OMC).

In order to operate a VHF radio you are required to hold a Marine Radio Operator’s VHF CertificateVHF-HANDBOOK-2014 of Proficiency (MROVCP). This means you can communicate using your VHF radio. The Australian Maritime College (AMC) is delegated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to manage all functions associated with marine radio certification. So, how does this operate?

  • You gain your certificate once you pass a multi-choice examination (70% is the pass requirement);
  • Study for this exam independently or
  • Attend training courses available in your area (contact St Helens Marine Rescue);
  • The Maritime Radio Operator’s handbook (MROH) will assist candidates (available from AMC on line or in hard copy for $15.50 plus postage);
  • There is a practice exam for the MROVCP on the AMC web site;
  • Once you are ready to sit the exam contact an Invigilator in your area to arrange a time to sit the examination (contact St Helens Marine Rescue);
  • There are administrative costs involved, contact the AMC or St Helens Marine Rescue for details.

 Criteria prior to sitting the information

1. Minimum of 16 years of age;

2. Application information given is true and correct;

3. You certify you have the ability to correctly send and receive messages by radio telephony.

For further enquiries  contact St Helens Marine Rescue or the AMC.

Log on and log off

When going out for a day of fine fishing log on with your local VMR. Tell them of your vessel’s name, people on board and destination.They will record these details. After a great day on the water log off with your VMR organisation.

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