Congratulations TS Argonaut

Cadets flank ARGO 1 at the naming ceremony

Cadets flank ARGO 1 at the naming ceremony

St Helens Marine Rescue congratulates TS Argonaut on the naming of its new vessel Argo 1. After a very chilly start to the day the weather turned on a perfect, sunny, calm winter’s morning. The assembled throng of cadet families and friends, community members and local dignitaries on the parade ground awaited with anticipation. After a welcome by the ship’s commanding officer the audience was  treated to an outstanding marching display by the naval cadets, culminating with a rapid march routine to “We Will Rock You” by Queen.

The naming ceremony preceded a gathering of guests and cadets on board the ship over a cuppa. The addition of Argo 1 to the ship’s fleet will compliment and broaden the naval experience for cadets.


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VHF Marine Radio Certificate (MROVCP)

From the Office of Maritime Communications (OMC).

In order to operate a VHF radio you are required to hold a Marine Radio Operator’s VHF CertificateVHF-HANDBOOK-2014 of Proficiency (MROVCP). This means you can communicate using your VHF radio. The Australian Maritime College (AMC) is delegated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to manage all functions associated with marine radio certification. So, how does this operate?

  • You gain your certificate once you pass a multi-choice examination (70% is the pass requirement);
  • Study for this exam independently or
  • Attend training courses available in your area (contact St Helens Marine Rescue);
  • The Maritime Radio Operator’s handbook (MROH) will assist candidates (available from AMC on line or in hard copy for $15.50 plus postage);
  • There is a practice exam for the MROVCP on the AMC web site;
  • Once you are ready to sit the exam contact an Invigilator in your area to arrange a time to sit the examination (contact St Helens Marine Rescue);
  • There are administrative costs involved, contact the AMC or St Helens Marine Rescue for details.

 Criteria prior to sitting the information

1. Minimum of 16 years of age;

2. Application information given is true and correct;

3. You certify you have the ability to correctly send and receive messages by radio telephony.

For further enquiries  contact St Helens Marine Rescue or the AMC.

Log on and log off

When going out for a day of fine fishing log on with your local VMR. Tell them of your vessel’s name, people on board and destination.They will record these details. After a great day on the water log off with your VMR organisation.

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EPIRBS – Urgent Message from the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

Standard Communications Pty Ltd—GME Accusat EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon)

PRA number: 2014/14204
Date published: 10th July 2014


Product information

Product description

Radio beacon that when activated sends a radio signal via satellite or homing frequency to notify of a distress situation.

Identifying features

Model MT400, MT401, MT403 with Serial Numbers starting with:

501XXXXX, 502XXXXX, 503XXXXX, 504XXXXX, 505XXXXX, 506XXXXX, 507XXXXX, 508XXXXX, 509XXXXX, 510XXXXX, 511XXXXX, 512XXXXX, 601XXXXX, 602XXXXX, 603XXXXX, 604XXXXX, 605XXXXX, 606XXXXX, 607XXXXX, 608XXXXX, 609XXXXX, 610XXXXX, 611XXXXX, 612XXXXX, 701XXXXX, 702XXXXX, 703XXXXX, 704XXXXX, 705XXXXX, 706XXXXX, 707XXXXX, 708XXXXX, 709XXXXX, 710XXXXX, 711XXXXX, 712XXXXX, 801XXXXX, or 802XXXXX

What are the defects?

Due to a microprocessor malfunction, the EPIRB may fail the self test procedure.

What are the hazards?

If the defect occurs, the EPIRB may not operate in an emergency situation.

Dates available for sale


  • 1st January 2005 – 29th February 2008


Where the product was sold

  • Nationally

Traders who sold this product

Various marine chandleries and national marine retail chains, such as Whitworths, Bias and BCF.


Standard Communications Pty Ltd (GME)

Supplier’s web site

What should consumers do?

Consumers should check the model and serial number of their EPIRB. If the EPIRB is from the serial number range specified, they should contact Standard Communications via email to or by phone to (02) 8867 6000.

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Check your EPIRB and Flares

EPIRBIn recent times emergency services have had to endure false alarms in relation to a faulty EPIRB and errant flares being let off from the shore. Emergency services responded to incidences relating to a false EPIRB alarm and a reported irresponsible launch of parachute flares. This ties up volunteers and police unnecessarily. It is imperative for the public to know – letting off flares is illegal. St Helens Marine Rescue strongly urges all mariners to check their safety equipment during the winter recess, in particular EPIRBS and flares.

There is only one type of EPIRB available for use by vessels, owners must ensure they have the 406 MHz EPIRB. It is essential that the battery date has not expired.  Once the used by date passes the EPIRB becomes unreliable. All EPIRB owners are urged to ensure the battery is current, if expired then seek a replacement at place of purchase. Additionally all EPIRBS are required to be register with Australian Maritime Surveillance Authority (AMSA). This is a free service, details are available on the AMSA web site.

Marine flares are compulsory safety equipment for all boaters. It is paramount that all boats have  flares that are current i.e. have not passed the expiry date. Out of date flares are not only unreliable they present a possible health hazard and may incur injury. Different flares are required depending where the boating public journeys to. Check out the MAST web site for details of all safety equipment required including flares (this is an excellent graphic):!OpenDocument&Highlight=0,safety,equipment

Safe boating comes from safe preparation and carrying essential safety equipment.

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Reporting your position

LogoThe rescue base at the St Helens Foreshore is manned 7 days a week between 0730 to 1910. Outside these hours a listening watch is maintained around the clock from stations at the homes of the Association’s members.

Our callsign is VMR 707 ST HELENS MARINE RESCUE  and radio watch is maintained on:

  • UHF 27.88 MHz (Channel 88)
  • UHF 27.94 MHz (Channel 94)
  • VHF Channel 16
  • VHF Repeater at Mount Horror (Channel 82), and
  • HF/SSB on 2524 kHz

Mobile phone coverage is available on 03 6376 2443 or 0408 817 359.

Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) recommends mariners setting out on a trip report in to a coast station upon departure stating name of your vessel, intended destination and number of people on board. You and the coast station may agree on hourly schedules or  estimated time of return. It is imperative if you CHECK IN with a station remember to CHECK OUT.


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