Welcome Aboard Scope Insurance Brokers P/L

Scope Insurance Brokers P/L


St Helens Marine Rescue has pleasure in welcoming Scope Insurance’s  ongoing sponsorship of our organisation.  Scope Insurance is a Tasmanian owned company providing for the insurance needs of Tasmanians. We are delighted to have this very supportive and generous sponsorship. Scope Insurance has brokered coverage of our facilities and on water assets.

Scope Insurances Dion Guest presents JD with sponsorship.

Scope Insurances Dion Guest presents JD with sponsorship.

Community Support

The team at Scope Insurance Brokers is passionate about supporting Tasmanian communities. Through fulfilling and beneficial partnerships and sponsorships they support Tasmanians. Scope Insurance aims to jointly promote sustainable community development by supporting community organisations and groups including:

  • St Helens Marine Rescue


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